Cost Savings

1. "No questions asked" lifetime frame
2. Rugged frame has considerably fewer parts,
    resulting in very low maintenance.
3. A 10' frame requires only three locker bars,
    speed installation and dismantle.
4. A 12" deep frame offers a much more stable
    structure, and easier end-cap assembly.
5. Damaged scissors can be easily replaced in
    the filed with a phillips head screwdriver.
6. One-Half inch(1/2")heat treated scissor struts
    results in long-term durability and strength.
6. Glass-reinforced, injection molded one-piece
    hubs provide tremendous durability
8. Curved and straight units are the same depth
    and height, resulting in full compatibility.
9. A wide range of accessories allows you to
    customize the system to your requirements.
10. Open-architecture frame allows light boxes
    and internal shelving to be used in any
11. Unique hanging system provides clean fabric
    or graphic panels, top to bottom, with no
    exposed plastic flaps.
Better Packing & Portability

1. Full 10' exhibit with case-to-counter
    conversion kit and lights packs in one case.
2. Case lid can be used as a step-stool for
    attaching lights.
3. Simple to assemble case-to-counter
    conversion kit provides an elegant solution to
    case storage at the show.
4. Case door can be used to access interior
    storage space when counter conversion is
    fully assembled.
5. One-piece molded countertop provides a
    smooth 18" x 34" writing surface.
6. Total shipping case size is the smallest in its
    class, enabling it to fit the trunk of most
    mid-sized cars.
7. Unique panel wrap helps control, protect,
    and store rolled up panels.
8. Generous 3" wheels make moving the case
    virtually effortlless.
9. Three(3) case handles and a base grip
    enhances case manuverability.
10. Folding channel bars reduce components to
    a minimum.