Cost Savings

1. Lightweight panels pack into molded crates,
    drastically reducing shipping and drayage costs.
    Spectrum exhibits are typically one-third the weight of
    custom construction exhibits.
2. Storage costs are significantly reduced due to
    efficient packing in stackable molded cases.
    Spectrum exhibits are often one-quarter the cubic
    content of similar custom designs.
3. Spectrum's rotationally molded crates are highly
    durable, nearly eliminating the costly and
    frequent repairs required with wooden crates.
4. Spectrum provides design services free of charge.
    There is no investment in conceptual development
    of projects
5. Individual panels are easily replaced. This greatly
    reduces the refurbishment costs required when
    complete sections of an exhibit need to be
6. Exhibit set-up and client preview can be scheduled
    at Spectrum or client location.


1. Lightweight, fully framed panel construction results
    in long term panel durability
2. ISO 9001 quality control processes ensure
    exacting production standards.
3. Spectrum's range of standard components make
    additions and changes to designs quick and easy.
4. Extruded aluminum connectors are extremely
    durable and can be color coordinated to provide a
    seamless clean design.
5. Honeycomb panel construction results in superb
    panel rigidity and significant weight savings.
Design Advantages

1. Spectrum's ability to enhance the systems by
    incorporating custom elements results in unique
    solutions for a wide range of exhibitor applications.
2. All flat panels are double-sided and
    multi-directional, allowing for tremendous
    color and design flexibility.
3. A wide variety of laminated and fabric finishes
    assures that the tone and appearances of your
    exhibit will meet your requirements.
4. An extensive range of standard panel options
    provides both cost savings and design flexibility.
    Options include radius panels, laminate and PVC
    slotwall, lightboxes, shelving panels, acrylic panels,
    and doors.
5. Spectrum's experienced in-house designers are
    available to create personalized designs to meet
    your specific needs.
6. Future expansion and reconfiguration is easy and
7. Detailed set-up and packing drawings are included
    with Spectrum's Service Plus.