Superior Construction

1. Internally framed panels provide long term
2. Fabric completely covers panels and hinges,
    providing elegant seamless
    panel construction.
3. Durable "co-extruded" hinge gives 360
    degrees configuration flexibility.
4. Double-sided panels with option of second
    color on reverse at no charge enhaces
    design options.
5. Backlit header system provides outstanding
    graphic options.
6. Ability to join panels with Spectrum's custom modular
    exhibit system connectors adds greatly to
    system design possibilities.
7. Lifetime warranty.
Other Features

1. Wide range of 28 ribbed fabric colors
    and 14 smooth fabric colors.
2. Two heights of 47 1/4" or 39 3/8"
    allows display customized to your
3. Full height exhibits can be used separately
    as two table tops.
4. Laminated table tops add custom touch to
5. Variety of packing options include molded
    cases, cardboard cartons, and carry bags
    to meet budget and transportation needs.
6. Substantial multiple discount to tailor larger
    programs to budget parameters.
7. Standard panel frames accept a range of
    lighting options.
8. Unique 2" radius curves added finished