FTP Instructions

The following are the instructions for submitting files to Spectrum via FTP.
Alternatively you can submit 10Meg or smaller files via WebFTP.

Step by Step:
    1) Start your FTP program

    2) Open a new connection (or make a favorite/bookmark) to:
    • anonftp.spectrumcorp.com
    • use anonymous as the username
    • use an email address xxxxx@xxxx.com as the password
      (if you need to retry use a different email each time)
    • Protocol should be FTP and port should be 21

    3) Browse and Select the file to upload and start upload
    • Your filename must be alpha-numeric (no '#$&@', etc)
    • No Spaces are allowed either
    • Use format: xxxxxxxx.xxx (example: IBM20X30.PSD)
    • No Folders are allowed *Please Archive/ZIP (no stuffit) all files/folders into a file for uploading

    4) After your upload is successfully completed please send an email to info@spectrumcorp.com with:
      your name
      your company name
      your phone number
      your spectrum account representative's name
      the number of files sent
      the names of the files sent
      the file type of the files sent
      any other information critical to the job

You can also access the FTP via the web with certain browsers at ftp://anonftp.spectrumcorp.com.