Superior Construction

1. Lightweight, fully-framed panel construction results
    in long term panel durability.
2. Durable aluminum connection system guaranteed
    to last longer than other systems.
3. Ability to remove and change links allows great
    configuration flexibility.
4. Extensive variety of fabric and laminate finishes to
    match your color requirements.
5. Wide range of panel options include slotwall,
    lightboxes and shelving for optimum design
6. Individual panels can be replaced as needed.
7. Individual panels allow for expansion from table
    top displays to 20' exhibits and larger.

Easier Set-up

1. Numbered panels provide "novice-proof" set-up. If
    you can count, you can set up this exhibit.
2. True one-person assembly, since only one panel
    is lifted into position at a time.
3. Links are attached to panels, so there are no loose
    parts to lose or forget.
4. End-panels fold flat for easier packing and storage.
5. Handles on back of top panels enhance ease of
Other Features

1. Patented lightboxes fold flat to 1" thickness for
    packing and are a cost effective way to highlight
    your message.
2. Lifetime warranty ensures trouble-free use.
3. Rugged, rotationally molded cases provide
    superior protection during shipping.
4. Optional 14" header gives a full 99" total height-
    the highest in its class.
5. Slotwall panel option provides excellent
    merchandising opportunities.
6. Optional magnetic graphic panels allows for quick
    change message or graphic updates.
7. Quality custom-fabricated counter tops are
    available in 16 standard laminates, and a vast
    array of custom laminates.

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