Digital Print Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for submitting files which are to be used to create Digital Print Graphics.

Supported Media Formats: CD *Preferred, DVD, Flash Drive
Supported File Formats (Mac Compatible): Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop (up to CS3), Adobe Illustrator EPS (up to CS3)

Layout 1/4 to 1/1 scale.
Raster images must be 200ppi at final size; 400ppi at 50%; 800ppi at 25%. Less than 200ppi will result in lower quality reproductions.
Please mark panel breaks with guides if available, magnify to maximum to check for quality and proper registration of all elements.

Most artwork should be on one precisely sized canvas and *NOT* have any elements which overlap or bleed beyond the canvas or have any non printable marks at all
** Transparencies should be set up on one precisely sized canvas with an exact 1/4 inch bleed all around.

DP File Setup Checklist (Please print, fill-out and send with order)

[   ] PROOF: Hard Copy Proof with Color Call-Outs Included
If you are matching a PMS color we suggest supplying a native CMYK* Illustrator EPS file with PMS colors for best results.
*Even though the native file to be printed is CMYK the linked/imported images (photographic) can be RGB but if you are scanning, scan to CMYK for best results. Keep in mind for black areas you will want to use a CMYK mix of True Black, also known as Rich Black.

[   ] 1/4 ScaleSCALE: File Scale (choose one only)
[   ] 1/2 ScaleYour image must be to scale & in proportion.
[   ] 1/1 Scale 

[   ] FONTS: Fonts converted to paths/outlines
If you can't convert you must include all fonts in Mac readable format.

[   ] IMAGES: All original placed, linked or imported images.
Make sure that all image files are included.
Send only those files which are critical to the project.
Extraneous files may cause confusion and increase the probability of error.

[   ] NATIVE FILES: All native files should include layers
We often need access to the layers of an image.

[   ] SCANS: Images Scanned Properly (200ppi @ Final Size)
Do not increase the ppi of a 5mb file to 20mb, this does not add more information to the actual image and results in image deterioration.
Images (photographic) should be scanned originally as RGB closest to 200ppi at final size for best reproduction.

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality product possible. Our ability to do this is limited only by the materials which are provided to us.
If you are missing any of the 6 check marks or have a question, please do not hesitate to email or call us!

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